Spells of Genesis Q&A with Shaban Shaame, EverdreamSoft CEO

Spells of Genesis is a fairly new mobile game with a interesting blockchain-based card economy. What exactly does that mean? I asked Shaban Shaame, CEO of EverdreamSoft exactly that, along with a few questions about the game’s length and a player’s ability to play without spending real-world cash.

Was the decision to build a game around the blockchain based economy made early in the design process for Spells of Genesis?

No. Spells of Genesis game design came before the idea of including the game assets on the blockchain. Our previous game, Moonga, ,a top grossing app when it launched in 2010 was a strategic trading card game. We wanted to build upon this experience and have a game where the strategy of card game is preserved while having at the same time an easy and approachable gameplay. The concept of mixing arcade and card game came as an evidence.

What benefit does a blockchain in-game economy give to the players?

We noticed with our previous game (Moonga) that players loved to trade the cards among each other for real money even if it was not allowed within the boundaries of the game’s terms and conditions. If something went wrong in their deal they would contact our customer support center and try to revert their trade which we could not help them with.. By using the blockchain, we removed ourselves from that process and gave a fantastic opportunity for players to truly own their digital cards portfolio and its value . Just like physical cards people are free to give, lend, sell their cards in a decentralized way. Meaning that only the owner controls the cards and no one else can take them back from the hand of the users. This freedom is really setting Spells of Genesis apart from other games.

Are all card tradable? I’ve setup my account with Book of Orbs and noticed none of my current collection of cards was imported when I linked my accounts.

There are two kind of cards, blockchain and off chain.

Offchain cards are just like in other games stored in our database and you can’t trade them. You also get a lot of them by playing. Offchain cards are not on book of orbs.

Blockchain cards are like physical one they are not centralized they are not stored in our database but on book of orbs or any compatible wallet. Taking this parallel you don’t OWN physical Pokémon cards in your home if you download the digital app. In order for you to receive real cards that you control, OWN: you have you have to get someone to give you one or purchase one in a store.

How playable is the game without spending any real-world money?

Spending money in-game is a kind of an “accelerator”. The following example can illustrate the user experience when buying in-game (non blockchain) cards.

There are two options:

1. Players can either buy one random card or a pack of ten random cards spending gold coins (soft currency) they have earned previously while completing a level. Probably, players purchase a common, or maybe a rare card (the cards are common, rare, epic and legendary). In this case, they didn’t need to spend any real-world money.

2. Players can also buy one rare or better (epic or legendary) card, or one random epic or better (legendary) card with gems (hard currency) . In this case, the purchase requires the use of Gems which represents the “hard currency” which the players can acquire by spending real-world money.

About how many hours worth of content is currently in game?

We have an energy system, limiting the play time. Instead of measuring the gameplay in hours, it is more relevent to use as a metric the number of days that players can invest in the game. Currently, active players can complete the 20 campaigns in about 2-3 weeks. After this point the players unlock the challenge mode, where they try to beat a record (reach as far as you can until all your cards have died).

What’s the plan for future updates? How long is the app planned on being supported?

The next two updates will both add 5 new campaigns, providing a total of about 4-6 weeks of content for active players(the campaigns are bigger and more difficult). There will also be an asynchronous multiplayer mode, where players play random levels based on the cards of other similarly ranked players. When they win, they increase their rank and will earn gold and rare, epic and even legendary cards.

We will provide a lot of new features in updates every 2-3 weeks. Every 3 months there will also be an expansion with new cards, a new map with new campaigns and new spells and objects.

There is still a lot of design space in the game for new features, objects, spells and more. As the first signs of the player base are promising, we are confident to support and improve the game for years.

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