Sparkle*Kitty Nights Preview

31655471 1773055516084209 8264820381035003904 oDesigners: Manny Vega
Publisher: Breaking Games
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge$19
Players: 2-8
Play Time: 15+ min
Ages: 13+
Rules Available OnlineYes

If you’re a reader of A Pawn’s Perspective you already know my feelings about Sparkle*Kitty. In fact, it won a SIlver Pawn in my 2017 A Pawn’s Picks for the year.

Sparkle*Kitty Nights is a more…PG-13 version of the game containing clean cards for dirty minds. Hitting Kickstarter today, this new edition also adds a semi-cooperative mode where several players are working together to escape their towers before the opposing team. Also, there’s no princess this time around. Players take the role of either naughty or nice Knights, teaming up with those players whose attribute matches their own. Of course, there’s also a dragon to worry about. In games with an odd number of players, one of them controls the Dragon who’s sole existence revolves around making the Knights’ lives more difficult.

Of course, the new gameplay isn’t what sets Sparkle*Kitty Nights apart from its predecessor.

It’s the cards.

On the surface, they’re just ordinary words, nothing vulgar, obscene, or profane. Whoo boy, though. These words are choice for the imagination. Words like “moist”, “booty”, “muffin”, and “throbbing” are just some of what you’ll find in the deck. There’s also new action cards like “Snatch”, “Spread”, and “Shaft.”


I almost died I was laughing so hard.


If ever there was a game made for my sense of humor, Sparkle*Kitty Nights is it.

Sparkle*Kitty Nights hits Kickstarter today and you can grab a copy of the game for a minimum $19 pledge. You can also expect lots of cool goodies and additional add-ons like the original Sparkle*Kitty as well as two expansions for the game.

In a time where Cards Against Humanity clones are a dime a dozen Sparkle*Kitty Nights stands out and is a breath of fresh air. If you’re a fan of the original, or just love a little wicked fun, this is one to back.

A prototype of Sparkle*Kitty Nights was provided free for preview by Breaking Games.

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