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Shaka Shredders was first announced back in March as the world’s first Magnetic SwapTop Card Game. Since that time, I’ve gotten a preview set of the v2 cards and have played a few games, interested to see how the interchangeable cards work. What I found was a reasonably stable family game with an interesting mechanic, though one that’s a little rough around the edges.

The basis behind Shaka Shredders is the aforementioned SwapTop cards, each made up of a Slate, Slab, and Slice. Each of these refers to the card base, the larger top half of the card, and the smaller lower half, in respective order. Using these three pieces, you can combine all the parts of the cards in the set to create a much larger variety of cards during both deck building and gameplay.

Slate Slab Slice Individual Labels
How the Slate, Slab, and Slice work together

Right now, the Slate doesn’t have any other function than to hold together a Slab and Slice. A Slate’s role may change in the game’s future, but for now, the meat of the system revolves around the Slab and Slice. In Shaka Shredders, the Slab contains a character, or Shredder, and its information while the Slice includes a Trick, Assist, or Diss. Abilities you will use to play the game. Sunslap Games has put together a great video on how to play the game using the cards:

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Thankfully this video exists, as the rules that came with my prototype copy were a bit vague on a few things, most notably not making the connection between a character’s Star attribute and Score. Thankfully the game is still being tweaked before it this Kickstarter later this year.

Shaka Shredders is a surprisingly competent family card game where the gimmick of swapping card parts becomes an essential part of a good play strategy. At first glance, the game seems like a “play and compare” style game, but once you get into your first game you’ll start to see the combinations between swapping cards, Tricks, Assists, and Disses that can be strung together into some fairly complex turns.

Shaka Shredders will be hitting Kickstarter soon with for $49 with two 20-card initial decks, the Tiki Tech Lasers and the Grotto Goons. These cards will feature v3 SwapTop technology to make it even easier to swap pieces between cards on a moment’s notice. For more information on the game, and the Kickstarter launch, head on over to

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