Set a Watch Preview

Set a Watch Preview - CoverDesigners: Mike Gnade, Todd Walsh
Publisher: Rock Manor Games
Year: 2019
Minimum Pledge: $22
Players: 1-4
Play Time: 20-60 min
Ages: N/A
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Set a Watch

9 seals are all that stands in the way of the Unhallowed and the end of the world. Your party of adventurers must secure each seal location against the Unhallowed’s acolytes and prevent it from wreaking havoc on the land. Set a watch, defeat the hordes of monsters lurking in the dark, keep the campfire burning, and eventually defeat the Unhallowed before all is darkness.

Set a Watch is a cooperative game for 1-4 players where each player takes on the role on a different adventurer (or multiple adventurers if the game is being played with less than 4) who take turns resting and fighting back a line of monsters. Each turn 1 player will tend to the camp making sure the fire is lit, scouting ahead, checking the map, and providing bonuses to the 3 other adventurers keeping watch. Those 3 adventurers on watch will be using different actions and attacks to defeat an ever increasing line of monsters. Undefeated monsters will deal damage and different locations the players visit will have their own bonuses or penalties. Defeat all the monsters to move to new locations with the ultimate goal of surviving all 9 locations before all the Unhallowed can be summoned.

Set a Watch Preview - Components

I first got a chance to play an early copy of Set a Watch at PAX Unplugged 2017 with both Mike and Todd and we barely scored a victory. Mike then shot me over a copy of the Deluxe prototype for me to play some more with my family. While the box is small, the game inside is very large. Each turn is filled with agonizing choices as players decides who’s going to camp and which adventurers are best suited to keep watch at the current location with the current line of monsters attacking. Each monster has its own unique abilities and certain adventurers are better suited at handling different tasks. Of course there’s always wood to chop, a map to check, and scouting to be done. It feels like you’re slowly getting buried until you have that “aha!” moment that helps turn the tide and hopefully leads to victory.

Of course unless Unhallowed or summoned. Then you’re in real trouble as they exhaust Adventurer cards and can end the game if one needs to be summoned and there’s no more left. It certainly takes some practice, and a lot of teamwork, to help overcome Set a Watch. With all the play you can get out of the game it’s most certainly worth the $22 for the retail version and even more so for the $29 deluxe copy. Out of every Kickstarter game I’ve previewed this year so far, Set a Watch is by far the most worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

A prototype Deluxe copy of Set a Watch was provided free for this preview

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