Seat Wars Preview

Seat Wars Preview - CoverDesigners: Andrés Ayala
Publisher: Detestable Games, Aether Tower
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge: $33
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 15-30 min
Ages: 8+
Rules Available OnlineYes
BGG: Seat Wars

Seat Wars is a new game from Detestable Games and Aether Tower and inspired by an incident where the game’s designer, Andrés, couldn’t get a seat on a packed bus, even with his 2-year-old son in his arms. Players take turns placing characters on the available seats on a bus and trying to keep them there for an entire round so they can be scored. Of course other players can fight you for those seats, or use special abilites, events cards, and equipment cards to get your characters’ butts out of seats and theirs in.

Each turn a player can take up to 3 actions, in any combination.

  • Place a Character (the card facing the player who played it, so it’s easier to keep track of whose is whose)
  • Play and Event or Equipment Card
  • Score a Character
  • Draw a card

All Characters have an attack value which they can use to bump characters with a lower value out of a seat. Some characters also have special abilities that come into play, or the ability to pull special cards onto the bus from a yellow deck of cards. These cards can contain usable items or events not found in the main deck. If a player can keep a Character in their seat for a full round that Character can be removed and scored for the value listed on its card. Seat Wars is played until the last Character card is draws, and then players add up all their scored cards to determine the winner.

Seat Wars is a very simple to learn, light game, though offeres players a bit of strategy when it comes to which cards/abilites to play and when the actually score Characters. There’s times when a player may benefit from keeping a Character in a seat longer than a round, or when booting another player out of a seat may not be the most beneficial action to take. It’s a constant balance of trying to score characters, free up seat space, and playing the right events/items to make sure you’re the player that comes out ahead in the end.

Hitting Kickstarter soon, Seat Wars is one to keep an eye on as a quick filler for game night, or as a fun little game to play with the family. Stretch goals for the game include wooden seat meeples so players can easily see which cards are theirs without worrying about placement, and also allow the game to be played with up to 5 players.

Interested in Seat Wars? Back it on Kickstarter now!

A prototype of Seat Wars was provided free for this preview.


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