Rumix Review

Rumix Review - CoverDesigners: Maxim Levy
Publisher: LM Songs
Year: N/A
MSRP: $14.95
Players: 1-4
Play Time: 15+ Min
Ages: 5+
Rules Available Online: Yes


Maxim Levy, a musician, music educator and performer has come up with ideas for several music games based on existing game techniques. The first of these games, Rumix, features a 52 card deck of musical notes in 4 different colors and can be used to play a variety of card games.


At it’s core, Rumix is really just a standard 52 deck of cards. The games included in the rules are Pairs (Memory), Squirrel (War), Fours (Go Fish), Pear (Pyramid), Parrot (Free Cell), and Rumix (Similar to Rummy). There’s also rules for a game, and several variants of it, called Fives which delves more into musical intervals, chords, and scales.

To see the rules for each of these games, check the Rulebook.


Rumix Review - Cards

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Most of Rumix’s games are variations on classic cards games such as Memory, War, Go Fish, Rummy, Free Cell, and Pyramid. That being said, there’s educational value to owning a Rumix deck as it helps with note awareness on a musical staff, note series, scale sequences, intervals and chords. The box states that no musical knowledge is required to play, and that’s true for some of the simpler games. For others, the rulebook tells you what you may need in terms of scales, sequences, etc… but doesn’t go into any explanation of what these are. Players will need to look up the knowledge on their own first.

One big downside to Rumix is that the game doesn’t come with the rules included in the box. You need to download them before playing. Still, at $15 it’s worth it for a music fan, or budding musician, to have a specialized deck of playing cards that lines up with their interests.

A copy of Rumix was provided free for review by LM Songs

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