#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 7

What aspect of RPGs has had the most effect on you?

The best thing about RPGs is the social aspect. People coming together to tell a story together and have a great time. RPGs have always filled a social need in my life. Playing at a friend’s house. Playing at camp since I wasn’t much into sports. Telling stories with like-minded individuals in high school. Playing with groups of great people in college, since the party scene was never my thing.

It’s how I feel about tabletop gaming in general, but RPGs tend to bring out the fantastical in people. It transforms a basement/bedroom/living room into a completely different world. The players become more than just kids/teens/adults. They’re heroes. They’re villains. They comrades or foes. In the end, they’re all part of the story.

It’s all about the people. It’s all about sharing those good times.

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