#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 4

Most impressive thing another’s character did?

Yesterday’s post had a lot to do with the story I’m going to write today. I gave a very vague overview of what transpired, but gave no detail. Let me shed some light on the experience.

The problem player in our AD&D 2nd Edition game was becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Eventually he started accusing the DM of lying and holding out information on us.

“Are the voices we hear hobgoblins? I speak hobgoblin!”

“No, they’re not.”

“You have to tell us if there are! I speak hobgoblin! I’d know! I want to roll to listen in on the hobgoblins.”

“There are no hobgoblins.”

“I’d know if there where! I speak hobgoblin!”

On, and on, and on.

As I had said. One of the other players had enough, and decided he was going to take it upon himself to kill the problem character. After walking with the DM, and eventually the rest of the party, it was agreed that this attempt could be made.

Being the most experience player, I would be the babysitter. The problem player and I split off from the main party into an alley.

“I hear something in there! Probably hobgoblins!”

Of course he went blindly running into the alley with me, because he spoke hobgoblin, damnit! Meanwhile the rest of the party waited for us to play out our little alley adventure. Except not really. Our murderous player announces he’s going to roll to hit, as part of the pre-concocted plan. The rest of the party would be at the mouth of the alley as soon as we were far enough in.

The DM smiles, “You can take your shot, but Rob’s in the way.”


Problem player is confused. Is our friend firing on hobgoblins? Where are they! He’d be able to hear them if they were there. By the gods! He speaks hobgoblin!

Now it should have been an easy save for me, being a half-dragon ninja. Of course I was the WORST ninja there ever was, though my stats should have been good enough so I could dodge the ranger’s arrow.

Murderer rolls.


Damnit. I’m going to die, or take some serious damage. I grab my die and, already defeated, half heartedly throw it.


No way. There’s no way. Everyone is gasping, “oh shitting”, etc…

DM decides that’s it. He’s done. This session is going out on a high note.

The ranger looses his arrow and it flies down the alley, headed straight for my head. In a flash, I spin problem player around to face the arrow, dodge out of the way, and manage to get my hand behind the arrow with lighting fast speed. A quick thrust of my palm drives the arrow straight through problem player’s eye, felling him on the spot.


“Why the hell did you guys just do that to me!”

After much excitement, pats on the back, and explanation of what went down to problem player, we help him roll up a new character. He agrees to chill, loves his new character, and sticks with us for many more weeks of awesome AD&D.

He never spoke hobgoblin again.

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