#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 3

Character moment you’re proudest of?

Today’s prompt is a tough one, mostly because it ties in with tomorrow’s “Most impressive thing another’s character did?”

I guess I can give an overview today, and get into the gory details tomorrow.

The session was back in ‘99. We had gotten a group together at college to play AD&D 2nd Edition in my dorm room. My roommate at the time was the DM and there were around 3-4 guys other than myself, most who weren’t as experienced with RPGs as my and my roommate. One player in particular, the least experienced, was very … overzealous with his character. Everyone was fine with his questions about the rules, what he could and couldn’t do, and any other out-of-character help he needed. What they weren’t fine with was his portrayal of his character, who was obnoxious to the point of spoiling everyone else’s fun.

Another player had enough. His character had to gotten rid of.

My roommate and I talked about how to handle the issue, and we decided to let the player’s choice ride. Then it was time for some planning sessions with the other players.

While the overall experience is not one of my proudest gaming experiences, my character’s performance in the following plot was something to look back on with pride.

I’ll fill in more details tomorrow. Hopefully I can retell the experience and convey the humor, excitement, and overall absurdity of the whole experience.

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