#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 23

Share one of you ‘Worst Luck’ Stories.

This story is, once again, from an AD&D 2nd Edition game in my college days. I had recently rolled up a new character due to the untimely death of the last. I don’t even remember which character died, because he was a brief character rolled up after the untimely death of the character before him.

There were a bunch of character deaths.

This new character was pretty great. He was a Human Psionic, and so far was having a great streak of luck. Basically he was surviving. Rolls were great, feats of great psionic powers were being done. I got a bit cocky.

Enter the underground lair of the amethyst dragon. I forgot why the party was there, or what the poor creature did to deserve our wrath, but we managed to get it into an open cavern and forced it to fly. Amethyst dragons aren’t the best fliers, so we figured we had the advantage. Through some amazing rolling I managed to jump on it’s back, ride it for a fair bit of time, and get setup for a great psionic attack.

DM calls for a throw. Pfff. No problem. I’d been rolling great that night!

I rolled a 1. I can’t even call it a natural 1, because it was one of those wild rolls that falls of the table, gets lost, then found, and the DM says to call it as it lay.

That damn dragon dove for a tunnel and painted the ceiling of it with my innards.

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