#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 2

Best gaming session since August 2015?

Like I stated in my first #RPGaDay post, I don’t play many RPGs anymore. It’s something I’m hoping to fix, but I need to find the time, the system, and the people to play. That being said, I still had a few experiences over the past year to draw from for the this question.

The best session that comes to mind happened at PAX East 2016 at a table filled with small press RPGs. For the life of me I can’t remember what the game was called, and there’s no picture of the booklet in my collection of photos from the convention. What I do remember is that it was a small print run that was pretty much a PAX East exclusive, at least for now. The game had to do with lovers on opposite sides of a mech war finding each other and dealing with different scenarios that occurred during said war. These could be a dance, a skirmish, a treaty meeting gone downhill, etc..

I played a quick scenario with the designer, and really loved the give-and-take mechanic this little RPG used. I could say that I was going to the enemies camp to gather info, and he would choose to what varying degree I succeeded. Each of his choices came with it’s own consequence and benefits/pitfalls. Gameplay continued back and forth until one of us had to concede, and the scenario came to a logical conclusion.

It was smooth, fun, sometimes humorous, and had me making choices that I wouldn’t normally make in an RPG. I wish I had bought the little book, or at least remembered something more about the name or designer so I could contact him and get a copy.

Hopefully he’s there next year, and I can snag one for myself if there’s any left.

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