#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 17

What fictional character would be the best fit in your group?

The longer I go on with this RPGaDay challenge, the more I regret participating. I’m half tempted to stop and delete all the current posts I’ve done.

I won’t though. I’ll push on.

What fictional character would be the best fit? I have no idea. If I were to ask my kids they’d probably want someone from Pokemon, since they’re all currently obsessed. My older game group? Who knows. We all have varying tastes in fiction.

As for me? I’m currently in the middle of a few different books, so it would probably be someone from one of those. Maybe Kvothe from the Kingkiller Chronicles, or Ged from Earthsea. Possibly Bishop from the Generations Trilogy. Knack from The 33 to be sure. He’d be helpful to have around.

These are fictional characters I’d like to play with, though. They’re not necessarily ones that would be a good fit.

Ugh. I continue on with these crazy prompts…

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