#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 15

Your best source of inspiration of RPGs?


That’s kind of a lame answer, but I’m sure it’s one most people would choose. Everything is inspiration. A hike through the woods. The sights/sounds while driving to work every day. Every movie I’ve ever watched. Every book I’ve ever read. The awesome art I saw online, or even some other great game I’ve recently played.

If course if I had to choose just one I’d say books, both fiction and non-fiction. I read a lot, and am always pulled away into one fantastical world or another. Bits of this fantasy mixed with pieces of this sci-fi in a world very similar to this historical place. Every book is a world in and of its own, sometimes even a galaxy or an entire universe. How could you not be filled with innumerable ideas while visiting Middle Earth, Earthsea, Hogworts, Crescent Station, the depths of the 7th-Son facility, or the steampunk cities of The Gearheart.

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