#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 12

What game is your group most likely to play next?

I’ve got two groups I’m lining up to play with. The first is my kids. We’ve been prepping and trying to find time to start a No Thank You, Evil! campaign. It’s an awesome system for kids that encourages helping each other out, and lets kids really run wild with their imagination. The first campaign we’ll play is the included one, Lost in Dragonsnot Falls. They’re really excited, and I keep meaning to get the game started, but I’ve been buried with review games lately. Hopefully we’ll get this running before the summer is over.

As for the other group, I feel like it’ll most likely be D&D 5th, though I’d love to get some Dungeon World to the table. I fell in love with the game as I read through the book for the first time, and have been drooling to play. I’ve heard Apocalypse World is actually a bit better, so I look forward to grabbing the new edition once it’s available.

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