#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 10

Largest in-game surprise you have experienced?

Surprises are always fun, even when they’re not. They a bit of excitement and can dramatically change the tone of a game session. One of the largest, and well pulled off, surprises I’ve experienced in a game was during an set of extended Planescape sessions. The session in question was played over the course of a summer, mostly at camp. I was probably 13-14 years old, and it was my first introduction to the setting.

There weren’t many of us. There was the DM, and 2-3 players including myself. It wasn’t a very serious campaign, or ultra structured. We played here an there, with longer sessions taking place on rainy days where we could sequester a place indoors and could spread out a bit. The game mostly had us in Sigil, the city of doors, with a few sessions taking place in other planes. It was my first time playing a in specific D&D world, and not just one made up by the DM.

As the summer wore down we came upon the close of the campaign. I remember playing a bit in a van on the way to a tubing field-trip, then talking out-of-charcter the entire time we tubed down a river that day. The DM said we’d probably close out the game that day, and we played a bit more on the drive back to camp. That night we spent the night at the DM’s house, and finished our game.

It was a great ending.

The big surprise? We were the villains all along, and the game ended with our inevitable defeat.

A bit cliche, but at the time it blew our tween minds.

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