Review – Wicked Apples

Wicked Apples
Designers: Robert Fowler
Publisher: Almost a Game
Year: 2016
MSRP: $15
Players: 2-5
Play Time: 10-15 minutes
Ages: 12+
Rules Available Online: Video
BGG: Wicked Apples


Wicked Apples comes in a very tiny tuck box containing only 36 cards. 4 of those cards are the rules. 5 are player makers. That leaves you with 27 cards to play the game with. It’s certainly a micro game.

Is it a good one?

It’s wicked.


Wicked Apples is extremely easy to pick up and play. Each player first takes a bucket at random and places it face down in front of them. Once every player has one they’re revealed and each player takes a Wicked Apple card that corresponds with their color bucket. The random distribution of buckets is important because the numbers on the buckets determine who goes first.

Wicked ApplesOnce everyone has a Wicked Apple and bucket the rest of the cards are shuffled and everyone gets 3 from the deck. Players may look at their cards, then must place them, along with their Wicked Apple, face down in front of their bucket. They may not look at them again. Now the game can start. The player with the lowest numbered bucket starts the game.

There are two phases in Wicked Apples. The first has players taking turns either sliding one of their face-down apples in front of another player or peeking at one of another player’s face-down cards. Once everyone has done this each player will choose one of their cards to “eat”. To eat an apple a face down card is chosen and flipped over. It’s effect, if it has one, is immediately resolved. Once an apple is eaten it’s placed in the player’s bucket, changing the number that determines who goes first next round.

If you eat a Wicked Apple, you’re out of the game. The last person standing wins.

If you’d like to see what every card in the game does, check the Appledex.


While Wicked Apples comes in a small package that doesn’t mean it lacks in production quality. The tuckbox is thick and rugged, while the cards don’t skip on the stock. The artwork on the cards is bright, colorful, with easy-to-read text and lots of flavor. Pun intended.


Wicked Apples is a lot of fun, especially with a full compliment of players. The game gets chaotic very fast with everyone trying to memorize what’s on the table as cards are constantly changing ownership. Take into account the special properties of each different kind of apple and you’ll find your head spinning in no time. While the game only has a handful of cards, it by no means lacks in the fun department.

This is one I’ve been keeping at work for a few rounds here and there at lunchtime. It’s easy to store, quick to teach, and hasn’t failed to entertain yet.

A copy of Wicked Apples was provided free for review by Almost a Game.

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