Review – Warlock’s Tower

Warlock's TowerDeveloper: Midipixel
Publisher: Whippering
Year: 2017
Platform: Steam, iOS, Google Play
MSRP: $9.99 (Steam) / $1.99 (Mobile)


I’ve been sitting on this review of Warlock’s Tower for too long, mostly because I thought I had already written it! Developed by Minipixel and published by Whippering for Steam, iOS, and Google Play, Warlock’s Tower tries to capture the look and feel of old Gameboy games.

Does it succeed? Read on!


In Warlock’s Tower, you play as a mail carrier trying to deliver a package to a warlock. Unfortunately, you need to climb to the very top of his tower to give him his parcel. Not only that, but the tower is slowly killing you as you walk its floors. Oh yeah, there’s monsters too.

You start the game with 3 life. Every step you take drops your life by 1. Thankfully there’s numbered gems throughout each level. Grab one of these to refill your life to that number. You’ll need to keep doing this until you’ve made your way to the room’s exit. Keep in mind, if you pick up a 5 gem and then immediately walk over a 3 gem you’ll lose lives. They’re not cumulative. You’ll always get the exact amount of life as the gem you pick up.

That’s the game in a nutshell. There are some other obstacles and tricks to discover, like monsters that move towards you for every 3 steps you take, the ability to set a mid-point if you die, or other characters to tag-team levels with. The basis of the game will always hold true, though. 1 step. 1 life.


Warlock’s Tower is more than just a throwback to simpler times. Extreme care has been taken to make sure it looks, feels, and sounds just like and old Gameboy game. The only thing that’s not exactly the same as the old handheld system is the aspect ratio of the screen.

It’s a visual and auditory treat for those who grew up playing on a spinach-green screen while trying best to tilt the screen towards the best light source.

Screenshots are awesome, but it’s best to see the game in motion and get a bit of the soundtrack too. Check out the trailer below:


I can’t give Warlock’s Tower any higher praise. When I first started playing it was a few hours before I finally pulled myself away and unglued my eyes from the screen. The simplicity of gameplay mixed with the depth and challenge of the puzzles makes the game a real winner. Combine that with a solid price point on both mobile and PC and there’s no reason any child of the 80’s shouldn’t own this game.

It’s rare, with all the games that come in for review, that I go back to games in my library multiple times. Warlock’s Tower is one I still fire up and enjoy, even though there’s a stack of other games that need attention.

It’s that good.

A Steam copy of Warlock’s Tower was provided free for review by Whippering.

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