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Wakanda is a game about building totem poles. Being a Blue Orange game I expected it to be fun, easy to learn, and great with the kids. It was all three. The goal of the game is to claim 3 totem poles and have the highest value of poles at the end of the game. The rules clear, and the game only takes a moment to learn. Scoring is based on how your build your totem poles, and what village tiles they’re built on.


Learning to play Wakanda was a breeze. The rules are two pages long and are perfectly clear on how things are supposed to go. There’s 6 village tiles, 3 of which are unavailable to build on at first. On your turn your draw a totem piece, then take one of the following two actions:

  1. Place a totem piece on any available space on the board.
  2. Finish a pole by capping it with one of your Headdress pieces. Once you do this you can turn activate a village tile that’s not currently available, and it can be used on future turns.

The game continues until all 6 poles are claimed. Points are scored by the village tiles your poles are on, and if there are any Sun icons on your pole (unless it’s on the Sun village tile.) Keep in mind that the villages you’ve built on score for all your poles, not just the one built in that village.

You can read the actual rule booklet by clicking the link in the Supporting Links at the bottom of this post.


Wakanda Blue Orange makes really nice games, and the wooden totem pieces and headdresses in Wakanda are really nice. The tiles are solid, and the pieces stand on them without any issues. The bag that holds the totem pieces is well made and doesn’t feel like it’ll break anytime soon.

Really, I don’t expect any less from Blue Orange.


So far I haven’t played a game from Blue Orange that I didn’t like. Wakanda is very simple to learn, and provides a great challenge by making you choose when to build a pole higher, and when to claim a totem pole. There’s been plenty of times when I’ve had several good poles built up, only to have my opponent snag one on their turn. It’s a game of back and forth, trying to make sure you get the best builds for yourself on the best village tiles. It’s a bit pricey for what you get, but I really couldn’t imagine them charging any less that $20 for a game like this.

Wakanda was provided free for review by Blue Orange Games

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