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Three Cheers for Master box

Atlas Games had a mountain of Three Cheers for Master boxes at their PAX East booth this year. It was pretty hard not to notice as you walked by. Everytime I walked by the booth there were demos of the game being run with people crowded around the table. I never really got near the table, but I was able to bring a copy home to play.

The Master is sad. As one of his foreminions, you’ve decided to cheer him up with a cheerleading competition. You, and the other players, must make towers of minions to please the Master when he returns. It’s a shame that they’re not the brightest. They’re also mean, nasty, hungry, and out for blood. As you try to stack them they’ll be prone to break out in Big Hairy Fights, killing many of each other and toppling the towers you are trying so hard to build. Thankfully you can jump into the fray to try and keep things under control.

The full rules? They’re at the bottom of the post.

So is it fun? It took me and the kids a bit to get the hang of things, but once we did we had a blast. We made a few mistakes here and there during Big Hairy Fights, but the more we played the more fun we had. The minions are pretty hilarious, and it’s great to watch towers topple as they kill each other. The strategy of trying to build stable towers while placing nastier minions on other players’ towers, combined with mitigating damage they’re trying to do to you keeps you on your toes the entire game.

It’s important to note that it’s easy to forget to move your foreminion around, but it’s a super important piece to have in play. Not only will it tame the aggression of the minion it’s on, but it’ll also save that minion from being attacked. That, and it provides a score multiplier at the end of the game.

We really enjoyed this one from soup to nuts. It takes a bit to fully understand the rules, especially how to resolve fights, but once you get it down you’ll have a great time.

Want to snag a set for yourself? You should. Head on over to Warehouse 23. It’s just $19.95.

A copy of Three Cheers for Master was provided free for review by Atlas Games

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