Review – The Broken Token King of Tokyo Organizer

I’ve been a fan of The Broken Token’s game organizer inserts since the first time I saw them a PAX East a few years back. For those unfamiliar, The Broken Token makes laser cut wooden organizers for games that are meant to fit in the game’s original box. Of course over the years they’ve expanded to fully custom boxes, accessories, and a few other things, but their core line is still organizers. Unfortunately I never really had a need for one, not having the supported games or enough expansions for a particular game to make having an organizer worth it.

Recently, with my acquisition of both the Power Up! and Cthulhu Monster pack for King of Tokyo, I suddenly had a need. A quick email to The Broken Token and we worked out a deal for me to review their organizer for the game.

Broken Token KoT flat packThe organizer came flat packed in a plastic envelope with instructions on how to put the thing together. The instructions were clear, easy to follow, and the pieces went together without much confusion or fuss. When it came time to slip the completed organizer into the box I was surprised with how snugly it fit inside. Not only that, but it really did have enough space to hold the base game, both expansions, and even more future content. Everything is held in nicely, with a notch for the board to cover up especially loose bits. Once the box is closed everything stays where it needs to stay. It really doesn’t even add much extra weight to the box.

The King of Tokyo Organizer will run you around $20. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you’ve got the game and all the added goodies to go with it. Not only will be you savings space by combining everything into one box, you’ll be protecting your pieces in a way you just can’t by tossing all that stuff into the box without an organizer. It also keeps your cards nice while you play and has a removable tray for the tokens and energy cubes. This keeps your table much tidier while you’re off rampaging Tokyo and battling other mighty beasts.

Broken Token KoT complete

A Broken Token King of Tokyo Organizer was provided at a discount rate for review.

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