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I have been on the hunt for a solid game mat. Placing delicate cardboard game tiles directly on your kitchen table inevitably leads to scratching. John Casiello of Terrainify was generous enough to send over a few mats for me to check out. Terrainify makes a number of game mats in various sizes and patterns and also has a great line of matching “scatter terrain.” The terrain is highly detailed and looks excellent, but comes with a weighty price tag. However, Terrainify’s game mats are on the more affordable side, compared with other game mats on the market.

Terrainify Game Mat

The mats come in a variety of sizes, from a smaller 2’ x 3’ to a larger 4’ x 8’ mat. All mat artwork is original and each mat is printed on heavy-duty 16 oz. PVC vinyl, making it both attractive and durable. PVC vinyl is a thinner material, so the mat will lie flat on your table and not have a soft, depressed feel like mats printed on mouse pad material.

Terrainify Game Mat

The mats are “printed to order,” so they take about two weeks from order to delivery. My mats arrived safely packaged in three separate shipping tubes.

Terrainify Game Mat

There are a variety of image options, including urban, natural, and space designs. Additionally, Terrainify offers a square or hex grid print in the size of your choice, if desired. The grid option is great if you are playing war games or if you are into game design and need a game board that can be easily rolled and transported for play-testing. If you are looking for a great, cheaper mat, check out Terrainify. Also, check out Casiello’s blog, he has a few handy tutorials and a pretty rad miniatures gallery. Now, I just need a new game table to fit these giant mats.

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