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Tally Ho!

I’ve always enjoyed the Kosmos 2-player line. Classics like Odin’s Ravens, Hera and Zeus, Lost Cities, Blue Moon, etc…

I was really excited when Thames and Kosmos wanted to send me a few of their latest 2-player games for 2016. One of these is a new edition of Tally Ho!, a game about hunters and wildlife. It’s a two player game where one person takes control of the animals, and one the hunters. Each player takes turns flipping over tiles, and moving tiles of their own to try and remove the other player’s tiles from the board. There’s also pheasants and ducks that both players can capture.

The game is really simple to learn, but it fell kind of flat for me. So much is dependent on the luck of the tile flip, and the orientation of the tile. Hunters, for instance, can only fire in the direction their gun is pointed. It’s not that easy to maneuver one to take a shot if tile flips aren’t in your favor. There’s also a time constraint. Once all the tiles are flipped there’s only a few turns left to try and wrap things up. Animals are trying to escape while the hunters are still trying to take them down.

I’ve played a few times where things worked out and the game felt exciting. Unfortunately I’ve played more times were tile flips were just frustrating. My kids, on the other hand, really enjoy the game and have played it almost every day over summer vacation so far. Maybe it’s just not for me. You can download the full rules here to get a better feel for the game overall.

If it is something you’re interested in, you can snag it from Thames and Kosmos for $19.95.

A copy of Tally Ho! was provided free for review by Thames and Kosmos

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