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Having just written about the release of the two new Spellweaver DLC packs, I realized I had never gotten around to actually reviewing the game.

Spellweaver feels like a mix of Hearthstone, HEX, and Magic: The Gathering. It’s free-to-play, but supports microtransactions and DLC packs if you’re looking to expand your collection quickly. Of course you can unlock cards through play, and Spellweaver actually gives you some pretty great deck-building opportunities with just common and uncommon cards. There never really feels like there’s a need to purchase cards in casual play.

Gameplay is similar to other CCGs. Each turn you can play one Shrine to either give yourself +1 Mana, or a level in whatever faction the Shrine represents. To use a card you’ll need to have the appropriate mana to pay for the card, but also the appropriate faction level. Mana gets each turn depleted when it’s spent, levels do not. There’s also two rows you can play your cards in, front and back. The back row is mostly for support cards, but there are cards that can deal some combat damage from back there. You’ve also got 1 Hero card which provides a spell ability that can be used for a cost. Additional abilities can be given to a Hero through special Shrine cards,

Spellweaver Cards

I have to admit I went into Spellweaver rather skeptical, but found myself really enjoying the game. The interface is smooth and pleasant, and there’s plenty of opportunities for both single-player and mulitplayer play. Dream Reactor even runs tournaments with cash prizes, though I haven’t entered any of these, nor will I probably ever do so.

I’ve got a great collection of cards already, thanks to some free in-game currency provided for this review, and I’ve gotten a good feel of some of the six factions (Order, Wisdom, Nature, Rage, Dominion, and Corruption). Wisdom and Corruption really make for some nice decks, though I’ve seen some really amazing deck combinations from every faction.

Really you can’t go wrong with Spellweaver. Being free-to-play, the only thing you’ll really lose if you don’t enjoy it is some time. While it may not rise Magic or Pokemon in my eyes, it fits in a solid 3rd place over many other CCGs, including Hearthstone. I’m a big fan, and I can’t wait until June when new cards are finally released.

Spellweaver Screens

Digital in-game currency was provided for review purposes by Dream Reactor

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