Review – Slime San

Developer: Fabraz
Publisher: Headup Games
Year: 2017
Platform: PC
MSRP: $11.99


A Steam key for Slime-San just showed up in a press release one day. Sometimes when this happens I either ignore it or install the game and promptly forget about it. Slime-San caught my attention with its interesting graphic design, 2D platforming goodness, and a promise of all sorts of cool extras.


Slime-San is a 2D platformer aimed at speed runners, similar to games like Super Meat Boy. Each level provides it’s on unique challenges building upon skill you’ve learned in previous levels to proceed. Levels are also timed. Wait too long and the worm’s stomach acid level rises and kills poor Slime-San. Every level requires twitch-reflexes to make your way through them as fast as possible.

Did I mention the game takes place inside a giant worm?

It does.

Slime-San has a few abilities to help it make its way through the giant worm. Along with standard abilities like wall jumping, Slime-San can also shift to pass through certain walls. Using this ability also slows down time a bit. On the flip side, there’s also a dash ability. When this power is used time speeds up a bit.

It’s a very simple game at its core with plenty of extras, like a whole town where you can buy stuff, play mini-games, and more.


Slime-San’s has an interesting look with its high-contract pixel graphics. Combine that with a catchy chiptune soundtrack and the game oozes with its own unique charm. Though at times minimal, everything on the screen is very detailed with some really impressive pixel art in town and some level backgrounds. While maybe the visuals may not everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly gets high marks from me!

Slime-San Screens
Minimal and awesome


You can tell everything in Slime-San has been carefully thought out and designed. Levels are clever, challenging, and pure addicting to play through. While the difficulty ramped up pretty quickly I found myself pushing harder, playing longer, and enjoying myself the entire time.

Slime-San plays tight, looks amazing, sounds great, and is filled with a great sense of humor. The game has 100 levels, tons of secrets, unlockable characters, and some mini-games that are pretty much entire games in their own right.

The game is currently on Steam, with PS4 and Xbox One versions coming out soon.

Slime-San is certainly worth your $11.99.

A Steam copy of Slime-San was provided free for review by Headup Games.

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