Review – SkullSplitter Warlock Tome with Smoke and Fire Metal Dice

A short while ago I saw a Facebook ad for SkullSplitter dice. Intrigued, I clicked on the link (a rarity for me!) and was brought to SkullSplitter’s site.

[Jaw hit the floor]

Such beautiful dice made of metal! I immediately wrote them asking if they’d be interested in shooting over a set for review. They happily agreed, and after a short back and forth about details I received the following email (images of my dice inserted in place of my order details):

Dear Rob,

A messenger has just come down from the surface with news of your purchase. His beard smelled of rain and wind. Long has it been since I’ve been outside the belly of this mountain. Don’t misunderstand…complain I do not. This rock, these walls, this forge, these tools… these are those from which legend is crafted. You have chosen well, human! The fires from which thine dice shall be born burn hot today. My energy is well-fed on seed-cake and the waters of underground streams. Dawdle I shall not, but instead to the forges! From out of the flames, malleable metals to be shaped into poly-sided dice. I will engrave with great care each numeric symbol.

In short time I will be finished and then you can expect them to be shipped according to the details below:

SkullSplitter Warlock Tome with Smoke and Fire Metal Dice Tin
SkullSplitter Warlock Tome with Smoke and Fire Metal Dice Tin Back
SkullSplitter Warlock Tome with Smoke and Fire Metal Dice Tin Inside
SkullSplitter Warlock Tome with Smoke and Fire Metal Dice

Let us hope that I don’t decide to hoard them for myself. Ha, I jest, human! I will send them on to you, as you have been given my word. I can only imagine your anticipation.

But enough with words. To work, to work … always to glorious work. In the meantime, contact my messenger if you have any questions. He has given me this cryptic means of communication, some wizardry called e-mail (Elvish mail, I’m guessing): [email protected]

Dwarvish Dice-smith

Pretty awesome, right?

Anyway, the dice actually just arrived today and I couldn’t wait to open them up and write this review.

The Warlock Tome tin as a bit larger and sturdier than an Altoid tin and contains foam cutouts for each die to sit in. There’s also a bit of padding in the lid of the tin so the dice can’t damage the metal. The dice themselves? Amazing. They have a wonderful heft to them and the Smoke and Fire coloring work wonderfully together to create a really striking dice. The dice themselves are not quite black with a vivid red for the numbers.

One thing that really struck me is how loud they are when rolling on a hard surface. These really are heavy dice and could probably do some major damage to a scratchable/breakable surface. I’d recommend rolling them in a tray or dropping them down a dice tower. Speaking of dice towers, these dice sound wonderful tumbling down my Wyrmwood tower.

SkullSplitter’s sets that come in the tins range from $35-$40. This may seem a bit pricey but these are dice made to last a lifetime and a certainly a luxury item to treasure until your dying breath. You can also purchase sets without tins, smaller sets of certain types of dice, or single dice.

SkullSplitter dice are flat out amazing. Are they for everyone? No way. Are they for the dice-chucking, game fanatics in your life? Yes. These are certainly dice that will accent any gaming setup no matter how big or small.

A Warlock Tome with Smoke and Fire Metal Dice was provided free for review by SkullSplitter.

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