Review – Seven & Seven

Designers: Cory Goff
Publisher: Times Infinity LLC
Year: 2016
MSRP: $20
Players: 2-5
Play Time: 15-20 minutes
Ages: 13+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: 7&7

Last week, I had the opportunity to receive a copy of Seven & Seven. Seven & Seven is a fast-paced card game with quick rounds and an ever-changing play area. What makes this game exciting is that the games are short-lived with very little stagnant turn time. Before we get too deep into the game mechanics, let’s take a look at what is inside the box.

Seven & Seven

The box contains a rulebook, a set of 77 cards, and two quick-reference guides. The rulebook is short and sweet—always refreshing. The game took no more than 15 minutes or so to comprehend, and there is an easily digestible online video to get you up and running quickly. Once you grasp the basics, most of the game is controlled by text contained on the cards themselves. This makes it easy for anyone to simply sit down and dive right in. The cards are well-designed, easy to read, and contain some light-hearted artwork to set the game mood.

7 & 7

The goal of the game is to collect a set of all seven sins or all seven virtues before your opponents. Most cards contain one of each printed on the card and can be played as either a sin or a virtue. Additionally, there are other types of cards, like wild cards and “converter” cards to help you along the way. Each player starts with five cards. Each round, a player plays a card from their hand, performing whatever action (or actions) that may be allowed based on the printed text on the played card. After playing a card, the player draws a new card and the next player takes her turn.

We played three or four five-player games and really enjoyed it. The games moved quickly and made an excellent appetizer for the board-intensive game that came next. We found it important to strategize and keep watch of the cards in play. Also, it was helpful to keep your hand and play area neat and tidy (recommended in the rule book)so other players can have a view of your cards. The quick-reference guides were also a big help with keeping all players apprised of the cards in play.

The game is easy to understand for those who have never played, moves quickly to reducing boredom, and is complex enough for the rule-conscious schemer. The verdict? This is a great game. And, at $17.99, there are few reasons not to add this to your game shelf.

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