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How I SafariBack in October I did my first review for Safari Toys Ltd. Since then I’ve been chomping at the bit to add to my Mythical Realms collection. Safari came to the rescue by sending me their new Jungle Dragon to take a look at.


Just like the Behemoth and Crystal Cave Dragon I previously reviewed, the Jungle Dragon is hefty and rugged. The size feels great in the hand. This isn’t a small toy that’ll easily get lost or broken. While this dragon looks amazing on my shelf, it’ll look even better on a Magic: Arena of the Planeswalkers board, or map while playing D&D.

The best part of Safari’s toys is how useful they are in imaginative play.


The presentation of these toys is key. Safari Ltd toys generally don’t have any packaging. The toys are put out on a shelf, or laid out in a box, with just a Safari Ltd tag around their neck or body. The same is true with the Jungle Dragon. The toys speak for themselves with no other advertising other than their beautiful sculpts and paint jobs.

The Jungle Dragon, or Draco truncatis by it’s scientific name, stands 5” tall and is a bit over 4” long. It has no wings, which generally I don’t dig on dragons, but really works here. The detail on this creature is amazing. The antlers looks like scraggly branches, the legs like tree trunks. The dragon’s body is covered in individual leaves and even has a few mushrooms growing here and there.

Jungle Dragon
Check out the amazing detail


Once again I’m left impressed by Safari’s offering. It has a classic feel and a toughness that can stand up to hours upon hours of play. This particular dragon will serve well while playing Dungeons & Dragons, or Arena of the Planeswalker like I stated before. When it’s not protected its jungle domain or hiding from intrepid adventurers it’ll be on display in my cubicle at work. This Jungle Dragon is a piece that just needs to be shown off.

A Jungle Dragon was provided by Safari Toys for review.

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