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How I SafariSafari Ltd has always put out quality toys. I always remember seeing their stuff in museum gift shops, zoos, craft shops, and more. I even had a few of their dinosaur, wildlife, and marine toys on my dresser in my bedroom as a kid. Over the years their catalog has grown and I’ve become more and more interested in their fantasy lines. Today I’ll be looking at their new Behemoth and Crystal Cave


Both of these toys are made for play. They’re rugged, have a great heft to them, and feel great in the hands. Their size makes them perfect for pretend play. Not too small as to get lost and stepped on. Not too large where you can’t get a good on them.

There are no moving parts any of the Safari figures. These aren’t action figures. That doesn’t make them any less fun, as my kids have already proved. They enter imaginative play with all the other toys scattered around our house seamlessly. My original plans were to incorporate these into some D&D campaign, but I don’t think I’ll be able to take them back from my kids at this point.

Large and in charge


The presentation of these toys is key. Safari Ltd toys generally don’t have any packaging. The toys are put out on a shelf, or laid out in a box, with just a Safari Ltd tag around their neck or body. The same is true with the Behemoth and Crystal Cave Dragon. The toys speak for themselves with no other advertising other than their beautiful sculpts and paint jobs.

The Crystal Cave Dragon is colorful and stands 4 ½ inches tall and is 5 inches long. The paint job gives it a prismatic, almost shimmery, look. It stands on 4 legs but also has two arms. Its long, slender neck ends in an inquisitive, non-threatening, head and face. There’s nothing scary about this Dragon.

The Behemoth is a pretty stark contrast to the Dragon. It’s shorter, squat, and ferocious. Its 5-inch-long body is littered with scars and its color scheme is much darker, grittier, and earthy. The beady red eyes are set in a squarish head filled with rows of different sized teeth. The Behemoth is on all fours, but the front two appendages are more like arms/hands. The whole figure ends with a stout, spine covered tail.

Crystal Cave Dragon
Beautifully painted


I’ve always loved to stuff Safari puts out. Seeing their wares in the store always brings back memories of trips to the New York Museum of Natural History gift shop or those of zoos and aquariums. These two figures sent over are both great and I hope to add much more from the dragon and mythical realms lines to my collection.

Both the Behemoth and Crystal Cave Dragon are both well suited for play or collecting. Priced at $14.99 and $11.99 respectively, they also won’t break the bank.

A Behemoth and Crystal Cave Dragon were provided by Safari Toys for review.

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