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InRoad Toys was kind enough to send over some 2” Classic Road Series PlayTape along with some 2” Tight Curves for my kids and me to play with. PlayTape is a removable tape with roads, tracks, or even Hot Wheels branded track printed on it. InRoad Toys has a variety of different products in the line for every scale toy car or train found in toy stores today.

Play & Pieces

PlayTape roads and rails are pretty self-explanatory. They’re roads and tracks that you can stick just about anywhere! The various sizes are good for various size toys and provide an almost limitless flexibility. Run them across the floor, up the walls, or even create ramps or bridges by spanning the tape between objects.

The tape, a paper tape that’s very similar to painter’s tape, is toxin-free, disposable, and recyclable. It’s easy to tear, which means the kiddos won’t need scissors to play with it. PlayTape leaves no residue on surfaces it’s stuck on and is even repositionable to a point. It’s also pretty durable and resists tearing even with rough play.

PlayTape Classic Road Series


PlayTape is one of those products that you wonder why it hadn’t been thought of before. It’s such a simple toy that can provide hours of fun. The price doesn’t break the bank, either. Each roll of the 2” tape I was sent costs around $9, while the curves $5. Of course, price varies with color, size, and length of the roll of tape. If you’ve got a kid who enjoys playing with cars, PlayTape is a no-brainer.

A few rolls and packs of curves of PlayTape were provided free for review by InRoad Toys

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