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Every once and a while BCW shoots me some samples of their new products to take a look at. It’s nice, seeing as I’m a huge fan of their line of stuff, and we can always use some new deck boxes, card protectors, and folios in the house.

This time around they sent me a deck box filled with 80 teal, double matte deck guards, both 45x68mm and 41x63mm mini card sleeves, a Deck Locker LT, a Deck Commander LT, and a 9 pocket and 12 pocket Z-Folio LT.

As usual, the sleeves are high quality, tough, and fit cards snugly. The Folios are leatherette, with a zipper, side loading sleeves, and can handle cards with or without sleeves. I’ve already reviewed the Deck Locker LT, and the Deck Commander LT is pretty much the same thing, but will hold at 100 card Commander deck. The biggest difference between the LT line of products and the LX is the faux suede interiors, which is a nice touch. It rounds out BCWs line with a choice of a luxury product that’s a set up from the already impressive LX line of leatherette items.

BCW continues to put out a quality product at a great price. As I’ve said before, you’re looking at similar, or better, quality than Ultra Pro products, for a lower price. BCW continues to be my brand of choice for sleeves, deck boxes, and folders.

BCW Products

Samples of BCW’s new products were provided free for review

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