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ModMic 5
I’m fairly new to the whole video/streaming world and up until recently, I’ve just been recording using my phone or computer’s built-in microphone. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation. I had been looking up microphones for a while, debating which one would be best for my needs when I received a press release from Antlion Audio. Antlion’s new ModMic, the ModMic 5, was hitting the market and they were looking for some reviews. A few weeks later I had a shiny new ModMic 5 to test out.

The ModMic isn’t one for fancy retail packaging. Antlion sends them out in a well-made case that holds everything in place and keeps your mic safe. Inside this case was my new ModMic 5, mute switch, 2 different lengths of cord, and some magnetic fasteners. There was also two small baggies containing a Y-adapter and a powered USB adapter.

ModMic 5

The first thing I did was apply one of the magnetic fasteners to my favorite pair of headphones. I then wired up the ModMic, snapped it onto the headphones, and gave it a whirl. What a difference in audio! My voice was crystal clear in my streams. Yet something was off. There was still something not sounding entirely correct. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out at first…until I read the instructions for the mic. Turns out I had the ModMod 5 in uni-directional mode. You see, you can switch between a uni-directional mic and omnidirectional mic. Once I made the switch I couldn’t have been more happy with the quality of my audio.

I’m in love with my ModMic 5. It’s an amazingly portable and high-quality mic. The ability to easily connect it to any pair of headphones make it an extremely flexible product. Now I don’t need to worry about the expense of a whole new right when I decide to upgrade my current cans to a better set.

Also, the ModMic 5 only runs at $70. Much cheaper than many other mics I was looking at before it arrived.

I can’t recommend the ModMic 5 enough. I’m happy I was able to take one for a spin, and I’m sure it’ll be my go to mic for a long time to come.

A ModMic 5 and accessories were provided for review by Antlion Audio.

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