Review – Manic Leather Deck Boxes

Recently, Carl Cox of Manic Leather sent over a few deck boxes for review. These deck boxes are excellent. Each leather deck box is handmade with fine leather and hand sewn with sturdy waxed thread. They can be custom ordered in a variety of colors and are fitted with two thick belt loops that can fit up to a two-inch belt.

Manic Leather Deck Box

The first deck box shown here is a basic leather deck box in scarlet red. This style deck box fits approximately 60 cards with sleeve protectors and costs $30. It is fitted with a snap lid to keep your cards safe and secure.

Manic Leather Deck Box

The second deck box pictured here is a two-toned deck box with a purse turn locking mechanism in black and medium brown. This box also holds approximately 60 sleeved cards, is made from the same quality thick leather, and costs $45.

Manic Leather Deck Box

Each deck boxes can also be tooled for an additional fee. The fee depends on the intricacy of the design. The third box shown here is a forest-green 80-card deck box with a silver purse lock mechanism. This custom box also has a Magic the Gathering forest symbol tooled design. This design would add $5 to the price of the deck box.

These deck boxes are great, and (like all fine leather), they smell great too. They can be used to house your collectible card decks or card sets from your favorite board games. They are handmade to order, so each deck box is a quality, unique product. They are a bit pricey, but with most gaming accessories, you get what you pay for. They look great on your shelf and are very functional. Great product, solid buy.

Deck boxes provided free for review from Manic Leather.

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