Review – Lost Castle

Developer: Hunter Studio
Publisher: Another Indie
Year: 2016
Platform: Steam
MSRP: $9.99


It’s been a while since I first wrote about Lost Castle. Developed by Hunter Studio and published by Another Indie, Lost Castle is a cute brawler with roguelike elements. Of course being cute is just a ruse to lull you into the brutal fight for your life you’re in for when you play.


If you’re familiar with games like Castle Crashers then you’ll be right at home with Lost Castle. It’s a fantasy beat’em up where 1-2 players battle waves of increasingly difficult enemies through randomly generated levels. Character classes are not chosen at the game’s start, but by the weapons picked up along the way. Each weapon has different strengths, abilities, and special attacks. There’s also different suits of armor, along with a multitude of one use weapons, items, and potions to help you along the way. Rescuing characters from the dungeon will allow you to start your next game with better equipment once you die.

You will die.

As you progress through the various levels of the game you’ll collect souls from the enemies you defeat. One you die you lose your current hero and all their equipment, but can use your souls to buy different powerups for your next playthrough. Spend them wisely, because any unspent souls are lost. The more you play Lost Castle, the more you’ll die. The more you die, the stronger you eventually become. The stronger you become, the farther you’ll get. The cycle continues until you finally face the final boss of the game.


While the graphics aren’t anything particularly special, they fit the game very well. It’s a mix of the aforementioned Castle Crashers and the game’s own style. It’s cartoony, colorful, and incredibly light-hearted. It’s a bit offputting that the game moves slightly better than an old Flash game, but it’s something that can quickly be gotten used to and doesn’t hamper enjoyment of the game.

As for the soundtrack, it’s not very memorable. It’s a shame because Another Indie makes it a point to let people know the soundtrack was provided by SonoTrigger.


While Lost Castle may seem frustrating during the first playthrough or two, it quickly ramps up as souls are spent and better weapons/armor are unlocked. It doesn’t take long before later levels are reached and epic weapons can be found to cut down large swaths of enemies in no time.

That being said, there’s plenty of other games like it on the market that do a better job. Lost Castle is entertaining, and I certainly played it for a good while, but I quickly tired of it after a few hours.

A Steam copy of Lost Castle was provided free for review by Another Indie.

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