Review – Legion Supplies Hero Realms Cardbox

What’s got 240 card sleeves, 4 dividers, 1 Captain Koska promo card, and can fit up to 500 of your fully-sleeved Hero Realms cards?

Let me show you.

Legion Supplies Hero Realms Cardbox

Shortly after I had gotten White Wizard Games’ Star Realms I was sent a Legion Supplies box for the game to store it in. I loved it, as the Star Realms box wears out pretty quickly. Hero Realms, on the other hand, has a sturdier box. Why would I need another storage box for it?

Then I realized how stupid I was to think that. Between Character Packs, the upcoming Campaign Deck, and who-knows-what-else will be coming out for the game, I need to make sure I was prepared! Luckily Legion shot me over a Hero Realms Cardbox to take a look at (pictured above).

Now you might be asking, “Why wouldn’t I just go buy a plain, white cardbox and some clear sleeves for my copy of Hero Realms?” That’s because you, my friend, do not fully appreciate the importance of how your games look on the shelf! Also, that white box and clear sleeves will most likely be of a lesser quality than this Hero Realms set.

Did I mention the Captain Koska promo card? I think I may have.

All kidding aside, this is an excellent set for those who love the game and are looking to future-proof their collection a bit. The box is above average cardbox quality with colorful Hero Realms art adorning it. The sleeves are matte, fit the cards snugly, and have the same art as the back of the Hero Realms cards on their backs. The dividers are a thick cardboard and are nice for separating out starting cards, Character Decks, etc… You’ve also got a lot of room left over in the box for future Hero Realms releases.

I have to admit I was a bit concerned about having my cards sliding around the box since it wasn’t filled after sleeving my collection. I was pleasantly surprised to find the original Hero Realms box fits neatly inside this cardbox, securely holding my current cards without needing some other kind of filler. Bonus.

This set will run you $20, which is more than the base set of Hero Realms. You’re getting some good bang for your buck with just the card sleeves alone, so it’s worth it if you’re planning on sticking with Hero Realms for the long run.

A Hero Realms Cardbox was provided free for review by Legion Supplies.

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