Review – Kentucky Sawdust Dice Trays

Thomas Elmore of Kentucky Sawdust was generous enough to send over two woodwork dice trays for review. Kentucky Sawdust, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, crafts a number of custom wood gaming products and has been selling them in their online shop since 2015. Shown below are two of their Premium Dice Trays.

The first dice tray displayed is a personal sized dice tray made of walnut wood featuring a red felt rolling surface. Both dice trays shown are built of sturdy solid-wood construction. Specifically, the personal dice tray was designed to help conserve table space. This is great considering the large amounts of cards, tokens, and tiles that modern tabletop games have. This tray costs about $25–30, depending on the wood type.

Tray 1

The second dice tray shown is a tabletop-sized dice tray made of purple heart wood featuring a grey felt rolling surface. The tabletop-sized tray is a larger tray that is more easily reached by everyone at the table and sells for approximately $50–55, depending on the wood type.

Tray 2

Each tray is a hand-made unique product, differing in grain and varying slightly in color. Each tray is comprised of natural wood finished in mineral and protective wax. There are a number of wood varieties to select from: walnut, wenge, red oak, padauk, zebrawood, lacewood, and purple heart. Additionally, Kentucky Sawdust offers six different colors for the felt rolling surface: red, grey, blue, brown, tan, and purple.

Tray 3

To protect these beautiful trays, they are packaged professionally in protective wrap. These are made to order, which means that each tray takes a week or two to ship. However, they are well worth the wait. These trays are a clear testament to quality and craftsmanship and I would recommend these trays to anyone looking to spruce up their game table or give as a gift to family or friends.

Dice trays were provided free for review from Kentucky Sawdust.

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