Review – InspiredCraftwork Imperial Assault Tokens and Storage

Piggybacking off my recent reviews of Broken Egg Games’ custom acrylic Imperial Assault tokens and Feldherr’s foam trays, I wanted to take a moment to spotlight the print work of InspiredCraftwork, a custom print shop out of Daly City, California, owned and operated by Derick Hui. InspiredCraftwork prints a number of 3D items that you can purchase on, such as dice towers, buff tokens and markers for Magic the Gathering, and search tokens for Descent. Included in their collection are a handful of items to customize your Star Wars: Imperial Assault set, such as squad and activation tokens that fit neatly underneath the bases of your models.

InspiredCraftwork 1

Some of my favorites are the 3D-printed terminal and crate tokens and door markers. These sets sell for $10 a piece or $30 for the entire set. They also offer a mixed set of open and closed doors for $20. These 3D-printed tokens are high quality with few (if any) irregularities and possess a great level of detail. They look great on their own or could be painted. InspiredCraftwork offers 3 color options: grey, white, and black. With the high cost of custom Imperial Assault pieces in general, these sets are a great buy. They also look great on your board.

InspiredCraftwork 2

Also offered is a token organizer for all of the organization freaks out there (like me). The organizer sells for $28, is offered with three unique lid options (Imperial, Rebel, or Mandalorian), and comes in a wide variety of colors. You can even purchase a skirmish tray option if you play mostly skirmish. This organizer holds a large amount of sorted tokens with room for your dice beneath. The token trays are removable for easy reach during gameplay. All in all, a great buy.

InspiredCraftwork 3

Tokens and token organizer were provided free for review by InspiredCraftwork.

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