Review – Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers

Harvest Moon Lil Farmers
Developer: Daredevil Development
Publisher: Rising Star Games
Year: 2017
Platform: iOS, Google Play
MSRP: $3.99


The Harvest Moon series of games has been entertaining players since 1996 with its combination of farming, building, and relationship dynamics. Throughout the years there has been a multitude of family-friendly Harvest Moon games, but none specifically aimed at preschoolers. Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers changes all that.


Traditional Harvest Moon games have the player take control of a fledgling farm and have them turn it into a thriving business, offering upgrade options, relationships with in-game characters, and, in the case of the Rune Factory spin-offs, RPG, and combat elements.

Lil’ Farmers takes the core aspect of Harvest Moon, farming, and creates a playset for young children to care and manage a small farm on their own. The game is language independent, using only simple icons and touch controls to let little ones grow crops, gather eggs, sheer sheep, clean horses, and milk cows to satisfy the needs of the farm store customers.

Each activity in Lil’ Farmers is broken down into several simple steps that are easy for little fingers to perform. Onscreen guides are always available to steer actions in the right direction, though the game is open to kids to explore and choose activities as they desire.

Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers doesn’t have a story or an end. It’s simply a playset where children complete the same actions in a loop to their heart’s content.

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Harvest Moon games are known for their cute graphics and overall charm. Lil’ Farmers is no exception. Everything in the game is illustrated perfectly for preschool children with large graphics and bright colors. The music is friendly, catchy, and compliments play well.

Lil' Farmers Screens


Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers is an excellent app, hands down. My own little guy took right to it, quickly figuring out his favorite activities to perform then easily repeating them. The game is ad-free, micro-transaction free, and perfectly safe for a little one to play without worry. At $4, it’s an excellent deal.

While the gameplay may seem repetitive and simple, you need to keep in mind that this game is meant for very young children. Lil’ Farmers has the perfect level of interactivity while keeping each individual activity short, entertaining, and easy to perform.

It’s rare that I find a children’s app that really has any lasting appeal. Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers is an exception to this, and a wonderful addition to my child’s app library.

An Android copy of Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers was provided free for review by Rising Star Games.

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