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Four BoxI hadn’t previously heard about March Forth Games until they reached out to me to do a review of their game, Four. I took a quick look at their page while waiting for the game to come in, but there wasn’t much in-depth detail there. Once the game came in I was pleasantly surprised to find a fun, little, family team game.


The goal of Four is for your team to earn four victory tokens. You do this by getting four of the same type of card in your hand and secretly notifying your teammate to claim the current victory token and declare that you have four of a kind. I’ll get more into this in a bit.

Before the game starts each team needs to come up with a secret signal to give each other. It can be verbal or non-verbal but must stay above the table. This comes into play later.

At the start of each round every player is given four cards. A victory token is placed in the center of all the players and then two cards are drawn from the deck and placed face up on the table. Gameplay is simultaneous with players taking the following actions:

  • Swap a card on the table with one from their hand
  • Play a special power
  • Claim the victory token

Swapping a card is pretty straight forward. If no player wants any of the cards on the table then the cards are discarded and two more are flipped in their place.

Playing a special power during play usually involves trashing a card, then following its instructions. There are other types of special powers, but these are either used during scoring or have a passive effect. One thing to remember is that players must always draw back up to four cards in their hand if they’re left with less after trashing a card.

The last action a player can take is the most important. At any point in the game, a player can call “Four” and snag the token from the middle of the table. That player must then pick a player that they believe has four of a kind in their hand. Usually, it’s their own teammate who has given them their secret signal. Sometimes it’s another team’s player that was too obvious with their signal to their partner.

If the player correctly guesses then their team earns that victory token. If they’re wrong, however, the other team gets the token. Special powers that effect scoring take place at this point. Once the token has been awarded all the cards are shuffled and a new round begins. The only exception is if both two players in a team have the Princess card. They’re allowed four minutes to secretly come up with a new signal before the game continues. The team who gets 4 tokens first is the winner.


Four Cards
Each card type

Four is colorful, playful, and a real delight to the eye. The cards and tokens are sturdy and feel like they can withstand a lot of play before wearing out. The box that games comes in is equally sturdy.

The artwork for the different cards really stands out. Fun characters like the sneaky ninja, a shark with boxing gloves, and the stodgy gentleman all add an extra flair of fun.

There’s not much to the game other than the deck and tokens, so it’s important that they’re top notch. March Forth Games comes through and delivers an excellent quality game.


Four is another game I was a bit skeptical about going into but had a real blast playing with my family. Coming up with the secret signal was half the fun. The frantic gameplay trying to snag cards, playing special powers, then trying to get your teammate to actually look at you while frantically giving your secret signal was hilarious.

It was also pretty great when you noticed the other team trying to notify their partner with their signal, and failing miserably. The satisfaction of snagging the token out from under their nose and calling them out for having four of a kind is pretty satisfying, though a bit nasty.

Man. I’m a pretty bad dad.

We had a lot of laughs playing Four, and the kids immediately wanted to play again after our first game. They’re actually playing right now as I’m writing this, trying to get their 2-year-old brother as a fourth player. They’re not having much luck, but they’re all laughing their heads off.

A copy of Four was provided by March Forth Games for unboxing and review. This is a commission paid product posting based on the game’s sale through A Pawn’s Perspective referral.

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