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Anyone who owns and plays Star Wars: Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games knows that there are a lot of box components. And, with Fantasy Flight releasing expansion after expansion—and hoards of solo units—the free space on my closet shelf is dwindling fast. Organization is also a problem. Where do you keep all of the game tiles, tokens, and cards? Additionally, where can you keep your painted minis safe and protected, but still neatly put away?

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out Feldherr’s foam organizational trays. These trays fit perfectly into your original game boxes and largely eliminate your organizational and storage worries. They are precisely cut to fit the specific components of each game. Feldherr also makes customizable foam trays so you can create your own. And with a 5-year warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee, you really can’t go wrong.

Feldherr Tray 1

I began with AF050IA07 and AFDA085BO. These two foam trays fit in tandem into the original base set box for Star Wars: Imperial Assault. They are sold as a set for 21.99€ or about $28. These foam inserts stack and fit perfectly into the game box. AF050IA07 contains 10 slots that fit the AT-ST model, the floor tiles, cards, markers and game tokens. AFDA085BO contains 36 slots and fits the rebel heroes and the smaller imperial miniatures (Stormtroopers, drones, Darth Vader, nexu, etc.). All of the game minis fit securely into the foam cutouts.

Feldherr Tray 2

Next, I used AF050IA11 to organize the larger Return to Hoth expansion. This foam tray costs 10.49 € or about $14. The 22 different sized slots are suitable for all conceivable game materials and houses everything neatly. Finally, I used two sets of AS035IA12 to organize the two smaller expansions: Bespin Gambit and Twin Shadows. These trays cost 7.79 € or about $11 and are well worth the price.

Feldherr Tray 3

Feldherr offers various foam inserts for a number of games (Space Hulk, Star Wars: Destiny, Star Wars: Armada, Arcadia Quest, Conan, Descent, Doom, Super Dungeon Explore, and many more!). And although Feldherr has not yet released a foam tray set for Jabba’s Realm, Fantasy Flight’s latest boxed expansion for Star Wars: Imperial Assault, it appears that one is likely to be scheduled for release soon. I am a big fan and will certainly be keeping an eye out for ways to organize and clean up my collection with more of these foam trays.

Foam trays were provided free for review by Feldherr.

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