Review – Encounters! Bravest Warriors

I actually played Encounters! Bravest Warriors for the first time during PAX East 2015. It’s by new means “new”, but Catalyst sent me both decks to get a better look at along with some of their newest stuff after this year’s PAX East.

The game is based off the popular Cartoon Hangover show, Bravest Warriors. It’s by the same guy who does Adventure Time, which is very apparent just by looking at the covers on each box. Encounters! Bravest Warriors comes in two decks: Red and Blue. The Red deck lets you play as Danny, Beth, Catbug, or Jelly Kid. The Blue decks lets you play as Chris, Wallow, Plum, or Impossibear. You can also combine both decks for up to 8 players, or just more monsters and items.

Bravest Warriors Red
Bravest Warriors Red

The game has a very Munchkin-like feel, though really doesn’t play like it at all. Each turn your pushing your luck my flipping monsters over and using rolled dice to meet the exact number on the card. The dice you use become locked, and cannot be used again until you’ve used ALL your dice to defeat monsters, which gives you all your dice back and has you start a new column of monsters. You can stop at any point an collect your rewards, or you can fail miserably and lose everything you’ve accumulated. There’s also a system that allows other players to jump in and help if you fail, or coattail off your earlier victories. You don’t get a say in this at all, though you’ll get a share of the rewards if their help is successful.

It’s a really easy game to pick up and play, and it’s really enjoyable. Not being familiar with the show, I’m glad I looked at the cards before trying to sit down and play it with my kids. While there’s nothing terrible, there are some inappropriate cards for younger players. Sexier Beth and Unicorn Strippers come to mind off the top of my head.

Another cool thing? You can play solo, which is always a nice touch when you can’t find anyone else to play with.

At $12.99 for each deck it’s a pretty good deal. Just one deck will provide you with quick, quality entertainment for quite a while. Packs easy, too, which makes it great to take with you when you travel.

Copies of both Encounters! Bravest Warriors decks were provided free for review by Catalyst Game Labs

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