Review – Embers of Mirrim

Embers of Mirrim
Developer: Creative Bytes Studios
Publisher: Creative Bytes Studios
Year: 2017
Platform: Steam,PS4, Xbox One
MSRP: $19.99


A great calamity has started to corrupt the world. Two warring factions of creatures, one of the light embers, one of dark, are literally forced together to restore balance to a dying land. Use the powers of both creatures, split into two different embers, solve puzzles, and cleanse the corruption in Embers of Mirrim.


Embers of Mirrim is a puzzle-platform where you take control over a mixed creature of light and dark. You can run, jump, glide, stomp, and split yourself into light and dark embers. Most of the game revolves around the latter, having you maneuver each ember with both analog sticks to navigate the world and solve puzzles. The creature can even interact with different aspects of the environment, the effects varying based on which ember you activate them with.

To get a better feel of the gameplay, check out the video below:


Visually, Embers of Mirrim is pretty average fare. There’s plenty of nice looking backdrops and the level design is fairly interesting. The creatures of the world are rendered nicely, even if they’re a bit strange looking. The soundtrack isn’t very memorable. Even after hours of playing, I can’t bring to mind any tune I’ve heard while playing the game.


Embers of Mirrim starts off slow with a lengthy opening sequence and three different, long tutorial sections to get you used to the gameplay. The first real level is bland, requiring mostly just a bunch of running and a frustrating long section avoiding obstacles falling from a waterfall.

Get past this first 45 minutes or so of gameplay and you’ll finally be rewarded with interesting levels with clever puzzles and a bit more difficulty. At this point, it’s not just using your brains to solve puzzles, but also your reflexes. At times it can be frustrating, but very satisfying once you clear a section.

Overall the experience is positive, though not excellent. Embers of Mirrim brings a lot of great ideas to the table but falls a bit short on the execution. At a $20 price point, it’s not quite worth it. If it were $10 or $15 I’d suggest giving it a shot.

There are much better games to spend your hard-earned dollars on. Wait for a good sale or price drop.

A PS4 copy of Embers of Mirrim was provided free for review by Creative Bytes Studios.

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