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Dog Might LogoA few weeks ago Dog Might shot me over one of their amazing-looking Adventure Cases over to take a look at. These cases are ultra-customizable and meant to provide an elegant, and functional, storage solution for tabletop gamers. Ease case is is custom made for each customer, who can choose from multiple kinds of wood, felt/suede linings, cover designs, and even accessories like interior lights or metal emblems.

The case I received is a beautiful dark wood, with black felt and a crouching dragon on the lid. Let’s get to the pictures before we get to the actual review.

Adventure Case
Adventure Case
Adventure Case
Adventure Case
Adventure Case

As you can see the case is pretty amazing, with plenty of space to store dice, cards, writing utensils, and just about anything else a player might need for a day. The main compartment can even be used as a dice tray and the lid can be propped up to keep die rolls secret for a GM.

Right now my Adventure Case is holding my SkullSplitter Dice, favorite pen and pencil, pocket Moleskine, and a small book light (I didn’t get an Adventure Case with the light accessory.)

How do I like it? It’s pretty great. The box is sturdy with heavy metal hinges and latches. The corners have metal coverings to help keep the box protected against accidental bumps and scrapes. The latch that keeps the interior doors shut is snug and leaves no wiggle room, meaning whatever smaller bits you may store up there should stay in their respective compartments.

My only real, minor, gripe is that there are no real “feet” to the box. The metal corners on the bottom have a few studs to help prevent scratching whatever surface the box may be on, but they’re not quite enough. Rubber/felt feet could easily be added, but would detract from the look of the box a bit. I’m still on the prowl for better solutions. I actually just scratched my dining room table with the box while writing this review.

Overall the Adventure Case is a wonderful product with a lot of options for gamers to choose from. It’s always nice to have a custom gaming accessory to liven up any game room.

Adventure Cases aren’t cheap, but they’re also not as expensive as other wooden accessories out there. You’re looking at something between $130-$200 before accessories. It’s an investment that I feel is worth it for the avid gamer, especially RPG players.

An Adventure Case was provided free for review by Dog Might.

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