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Cthulhu RealmsA few days ago White Wizard Games provided me with a review code for the Android version of Cthulhu Realms, the Lovecraftian re-theme of Star Realms. Eager to give the game a shot, I immediately downloaded the game and dug in. If you’ve played Star Realms, there’s nothing really new here gameplay wise, yet the amount of detail put into Cthulhu Realms is truly impressive.

The app boasts the game features as the Star Realms app. Single player campaign, online play, vs AI, and pass-and-play. The level of polish is top notch, the music eerie and unsettling, the art a mix of comedy/horror. The interface is tight and smooth, never getting in the way of gameplay, and provides an overall satisfying experience.

Cthulhu Realms Screenshot

For fans of Star Realms who are also into Lovecraft, Cthulhu Realms is a no brainer. While I’m more partial to the Sci-Fi theme, I’ll be keeping Cthulhu Realms around for my kids, who really get a kick out of it.

You can download Cthulhu Realms for free and play a bit of the single player campaign. The full game is only a $4.99 purchase to unlock everything else, and more than worth that price.

A copy of Cthulhu Realms for Android was provided free for review by White Wizard Games

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