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Recently, I connected with Rebecca from the CraftLessTraveled. Based out of Greensboro, North Carolina, CraftLessTraveled makes a number of custom game tokens. In their online shop, they offer a variety of tokens for the board game Myth and Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing. Additionally, CraftLessTraveled creates custom tokens for local gamers.

CraftLessTraveled kindly provided me with a handful of these awesome tokens for review. Shown here are sets of Myth Potion Tokens, Myth Treasure Coins, and a sampling of Wound and Health Tokens.

Tokens 1

Each set of Myth Treasure Coins is made to order and features 54 tokens to replace all of the treasure bag coins from the Myth core box and the new Journeyman expansion. The set breaks down as follows:

  • 30 White Coins
  • 15 Green Coins
  • 5 Blue Coins
  • 3 Gold/Yellow Coins
  • 1 Orange Coin

CraftLessTraveled explains that as with any well-used tokens, the original cardboard game tokens in your game box often wear out. These reproductions eliminate that problem, allowing for years of use without any degradation of the tokens. Each token features the same artwork as the original token crafted into a unique button with a flat back. This not only gives the tokens a glossy look, but also protects them from wear. These token replacements provide a satisfying metallic clink to your treasure bag without adding a lot of weight.

Tokens 2

What I find cool is that the Potion, Wound and Health Tokens are compatible with many games (like Super Dungeon Explore, etc.). But, what is really cool is that if you have a specific custom token request, you can go ahead and shoot CraftLessTraveled a message. These token sets cost between $7 and $30 depending on the specific set. They are certainly an affordable way to upgrade your games and get away from the standard cardboard original tokens.

Tokens provided free for review by CraftLessTraveled.

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