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Imperial Assault Tokens
One great way to kick a game of Star Wars Imperial Assault or Star Wars: Destiny up a notch is through customization. It is truly awesome how something as small as a token or a door placed on the board can revolutionize your game’s aesthetics. Currently, there are a lot of great outfits with a lot of great custom pieces on the market. Recently, I got my hands on this set of custom tokens produced by Broken Egg Games.

The set comes with 35 fully-printed double-sided tokens printed with a high UV Color layer directly onto acrylic, with each side bearing a Hero or Villain faction color scheme. Here is what you will get in your 35-token set:

  • 10 1-Damage Tokens
  • 5 3-Damage Tokens
  • 10 Shields/Armor Tokens
  • 10 Supplies/Crates Tokens

The tokens are crystal clear and the images are crisp and sharp. Each token has a nice weight and thickness and they really jump off the board. The damage counters look stunning next to your deck or character card. I was particularly impressed by the crate tokens. What a great way to upgrade and enhance a game. Their shape and imaging gives them an almost three-dimensional appearance. Although they have a delicate quality to them, what table-top game piece doesn’t?

Broken Egg Tokens

Tomorrow, I begin a new campaign of Imperial Assault with some friends and these will make a nice addition. I am very impressed with the quality of these tokens and would highly recommend them. And, at $25, it is one of the cheaper custom token sets on the market, this buy is definitely a great deal.

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