Review – Blossom Tales

Blossom Tales
Developer: Castle Pixel
Publisher: FDG Entertainment
Year: 2017
Platform: PC


It wasn’t that long ago that I had posted about the upcoming release of Blossom Tales, an action-RPG in the vein of A Link to the Past. Since then I had first downloaded the demo, then received a key for a pre-release copy of the game. Since then I’ve been playing the game quite a bit.

The game, admittedly, as a bit of the Princess Bride in it as well as Zelda. The tale is told by a grandfather to his two grandkids. This provides an interesting, if underused, mechanic to the game.



ArrowsIf you’re familiar with Zelda: A Link to the Past, or top-down action-RPGs in general, then you know what to expect from Blossom Tales. Players take control of Lily, Knight of the Rose, trying to save her king and kingdom from a dark wizard. Throughout the game, certain narrative choices can be made through the children having their Grandpa change the story. These changes, though minor, provide an interesting twist to gameplay.

One cool thing to note is that while similar actions-RPGs limit items such as arrows and bombs, Blossom Knight does not. These items can be used as much as you like until your special meter runs out. Once it does it refills rather quickly. This keeps the pace of the game moving much faster as you can solve puzzles and overcome some challenges a bit faster instead of hunting down items to replenish your stock.


While Blossom Knight has its own artistic direction it still borrows heavily from the look and feel of A Link to the Past. Everything from the bombs, pots and even the walls look like they could have been pulled from the SNES classic. This isn’t a bad thing at all, mind you. It’s all very intentional and well executed.



I’ve had a lot of fun with Blossom Tales. It’s well made, polished, and accomplishes what it sets out to so. Gameplay is smooth, familiar, and satisfying, with an excellent soundtrack to go along with excellent gameplay. It’s a game I highly recommend to anyone who grew up in the golden age of action-RPGs.

I do have a few gripes, however. The first being the underutilization of the children being told the story by their grandpa. At times players will need to make choices in the way of the children telling their grandpa they want certain details of the story changed. These changes are minor and really don’t have much of an effect on the game as a whole. I feel like this mechanic could have been put to some use with larger changes in the game as a whole.

My second gripe is about the length of the game. While 15+ hours is nothing to scoff at, you get 5 dungeons and then you’re done. I feel like the game could have used a bit more content, similar to how Link to the Past tossed you into the Dark Realm once you beat Aghanim. It was a cool twist to the game, and Blossom Tales could have used something like that to really suck the players in a bit more and provide a bit more game.

These aren’t really major concerns, though, and they’re by no means a reason to skip the game!

Blossom Tales comes out in a few days, and it’s one you certainly should snag and enjoy.

A Steam copy of Blossom Tales was provided free for review by FDG Entertainment.

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