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attilaAttila is a 2-player strategy game from Blue Orange Games where players are try to force their opponent into spaces on the board where they can’t make a move. The two small game boards and two large game boards can be combined in any manner to create the play space. Each turn a player moves one of their three tokens similar to how a Chess knight moves (two squares horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally). After a player moves they place scorched earth tile anywhere on the board. That space is now blocked off, and can’t be landed on by either player. Play continues like this until one player can’t make any more moves.

There’s some things to keep in mind here. Pieces can move over scorched earth tiles, they just can’t land on them. Pieces can also move off the board as long as they can land on a legal space. That’s pretty much it!

Attila is a great little filler game, especially for families. It’s simple, portable, and comes in a cool tin. It’s also only $15. It’s the kind of game I’d except to find in mass market stores, though the quality of play is much higher.

If you’ve got kids, Attila is a great game to add to family game night.

A copy of Attila was provided free for review by Blue Orange Games

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