Review – 3DPrinterSpencer Low Poly Tabletop Units

Lately, I have been seeking out quality sources for good 3D prints. In my search, I stumbled upon 3DPrinterSpencer. Spencer McGuire out of Valdosta, Georgia, prints and sells a number of gaming items on (like this charging dock for Nintendo Switch or this Joycon Mini-Grip). In particular, his Low-Poly D&D Tabletop Units got my attention. The designs for these prints can be found here. Each unit is printed using a MakerGear M2 using Hatchbox filament.

3DPrinterSpencer Low Poly

Currently, 3DPrinterSpencer offers 12 different units from several different factions:

  • Knight with Sword
  • Dwarf with Axe
  • Elf with Bow
  • Dwarf with Two Barrels
  • Knight on Horse
  • Human Mage
  • Goblin with Two Swords
  • Goblin with Spear
  • Orc
  • Goblin with Barrel
  • Big Ogre
  • Horde Mage

3DPrinterSpencer Low Poly

Each unit costs $1.50 and must be ordered in sets of 3 ($4.50 total). Whether starting a new RPG or tabletop campaign, designing your own game, or just want some company for your office desk, these units are a bargain. Like most 3D-printed items, they are a bit delicate. However, this is to be expected and overall they are of great quality and are extremely affordable. I already want to get my hands on a few more.

Miniatures provided free for review from 3DPrinterSpencer.

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