Review – 3D Central Life Counter and Dice Box

3D Central is a local operation based out of Richmond, Virginia. They offer a variety of 3D printing equipment and accessories. The store has been owned and operated by Chris Caswell and Cyndi Laird since 2011, when they bought their first 3D Printer and opened up an online store together. In addition to some really innovative services, like one-on-one training and education offered at their brick-and-mortar store location, 3D Central sells a number of 3D-printed gaming supplies (like this awesome Folding Castle Dice Tower) through their online store and through

Shown here are two examples of some items offered by 3D Central. The first is a 3D-Printed Life Counter. This counter is customizable by color, allowing the purchaser to select both the dial and stand colors separately. This counter is great to have on your table to keep score, count rounds, hit points, or anything else. The counter sells for $15 and was originally designed by CarryTheWhat and is available for download on

3D Central Life Counter

The second item shown is a D20 Dice Box. 3D Central sells this box for $17. You can purchase it through 3D Central’s online store or through their shop on The box itself is approximately 3” wide. The inside compartment measures approximately 2” x 2”. The box pictured below is shown next to a $1 coin for size comparison. This open-source model was also designed by CarryTheWhat and is available for download here. This box is great to hold tokens, rings, or anything that you’d like. It has a magnetized swiveling lid, so it shuts tightly without the worry that it will open unexpectedly.

3D Central d20 Dice Box

If you ever find yourself browsing online for gaming supplies (or in Richmond, Virginia) check these guys out, it is worth a look.

Items were provided free for review by 3D Central.

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