Return to the Stars, A Hopepunk RPG, Debuts at PlayNYC this Weekend

In dark times, games can fill us with joy and hope.

return to stars optomistic indie rpgReturn to the Stars, a new narrative tabletop role-playing game from Festive Ninja, helps players create their own stories in an optimistic space opera setting. The game is being introduced this weekend at PlayNYC in Kiosk B16.

The game takes place in an universe where hyperspace travel has scattered like-minded communities across the galaxy — including the Convention Authority, which was founded to celebrate the now-classical arts of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and geek culture. Unfortunately the Stellar Hyperspace Beacon dies making interstellar travel impossible. TheConvention Authority must now build new generation of long-range starcraft to rediscover lost human civilizations.

The coolest part of this self-proclaimed Hopepunk RPG? The players of are a new generation of geeks: makers, cosplayers, networkers, and academics as well your standard soldiers and rogues. Another cool feature will be the Return to the Stars Twitter feed that will provide the latest in-game galactic news so players can use the material in their own stories.

Return to the Stars has certainly gotten my attention, and I can’t wait to learn more about the game.

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